Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gender Wars?

I always thought it was interesting that while in the various Star Wars novels female characters were everywhere, there were very few in the original trilogy. Aside from Leia and Mon Mothma, you had to go to Jaba’s Palace to see anyone of female gender of any species. I never paid much attention because of when the movies where filmed. There wasn’t a lot of racial diversity in the galaxy far, far away either. So no big deal.

But apparently there were four, yes four, female fighter pilots present at the Battle of Endor. Two flew X-Wings and two flew A-Wings. They just got edited out. Well, most of them. One had her voice dubbed over with a male voice in the short scene she had.

Now, I’ll go with the popular theory that the thinking at the time may have been that “people can’t handle seeing women being shot and blown up” argument as the reason these women were cut. I can look past that. But what happened during the re-release? They could have at least given that A-Wing pilot her voice back. And with the additions in the Blu-Rays like seeing the younger spirit of Anakin at the end of Return Of The Jedi, we couldn’t see a return of at least one of these female pilots? One, actress Vivienne Chandler, even had about a page of dialogue. Which is funny because the two A-Wing pilots got their scenes added in the Blu-Ray extras and they just had the usual quick banter before never being seen again. Chandler, and the other X-Wing pilot are still lost on the cutting room floor. Maybe the footage was to degraded or had other issues that kept them from being added. Who knows?

Now that there are plans for the Star Wars universe to expand in to several different projects, maybe we’ll get to see more women in combat roles. And not just as Jedi. It worked on Battlestar Galactica.

(Photos from Star Wars Aficionado)

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