Thursday, September 18, 2014

Alamo City Comic Con PREVIEW

We are a week away from Alamo City Comic Con. Last year ACCC launched it's first convention and it was bigger than even its organizers expected. Cast members from the Walking Dead as well as the original onscreen Dynamic Duo, Adam West and Burt Ward, helped to pack the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center to the point that the Fire Marshal shut down the dealer floor on Saturday. This year the con will also be expanding beyond Hall A this time, so overcrowding shouldn't be an issue.

This years guest lineup is also look better. ACCC not only booked more of the Walking Dead cast; Star Trek TOS legends Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Walter Koenig will be in attendance. Also attending is The Man himself, Stan Lee as well as Clark Greg, Agent Phil Coulson from Agent's Of S.H.I.E.L.D and numerous Marvel films.

It’s also going to be an 80’s movie weekend. More specifically, a Weekend at Burnie’s. Ok, cheesy, but seriously though, Andrew McCarthy, Johnathon Silverman, and Terry Kiser will be reuniting at ACCC. Another ultimate 80s movie team is showing up. Weird Science fans get ready for Gary and Wyatt, Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith. The cast of the original Nightmare on Elm Street will be there too for the horror fans. Seriously, look at the guest list. There are too many names to list.

With all the pop culture on display, you might think this con might forget that it has “Comic” in it’s name. But like last year an impressive roster of writers and artists have been scheduled. Yes, Stan Lee, but the list also includes the co-creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman, and DC comics legend, Neal Adams.

Alamo City Comic Con takes place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in downtown San Antonio, TX from Friday September 26th through Sunday September 28th. There is also a Preview night that has been added on Thursday. It will be open to VIP and 3 Day Pass Holders.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rat Queens Vol. 1

Not that I mind writers and artists creating great new stories and character, who does? But why did another great series have to come along? My shelf space is at a premium as it is. But in all seriousness, a few weeks ago, I was browsing the new titles in the local library catalog and saw volume one of something called Rat Queens. Looked interesting so I put a copy hold. Now I have another series I want to follow. This is my review of Rat Queens Vol. 1: Sass and Sorcery, from Image Comics' Shadowline imprint, collects the first five issues of the series. Writer Kurtis J. Wiebe and artist Roc Upchurch have started something good.

Rat Queens takes place in a fantasy world of magic and magical creatures… who like to party, get drunk, and maybe get a little recreationally (is that a word?) mind expanded between quests. This could easily have been a comic that takes place in a Dungeons & Dragons kind of world. Well, the story does literally take place in a D&D type world. This could have also been another fantasy series about a team of guys tearing things up and it would have been good. But this one is about an all female team. And these women can give and take a beating as well as any man. So lets get some introductions going. This violent band of females is...

Betty - A smidgen (not sure if that is her race or a nickname for her race) who is a skilled fighter and the the of the group.  She also has a thing for candy and shrooms.

Hannah - An elf mage who is sort of the leader and therefore the one most directly responsible for getting her friends into trouble. Fortunately her magic skills help to get them out of said trouble.

Dee - The groups human cleric and healer. She comes from a magical family that worships a blood drinking squid. But Dee is an atheist.

Violet - Warrior, dwarf, probably the best hand to hand fighter in the group, started shaving her beard before it became a thing with dwarven youth.

While there is violence and blood, the series does not sacrifice story. The character development is good. Each of the Rat Queens are fully fleshed out with their own set of personal problems, especially when it comes to family and romance. This is also not something written strictly for the boys.Yes, violence, drinking, and drug humor, but women get into that stuff too. What I mean is that sex appeal doe snot appear to be a factor in attracting an audience. Again, women can get into that too. But lets face it, in comics, showing off some skin and putting characters in sexual situation is mostly a trick to get the male audience interested. And to me, it is lazy storytelling. But they don't need that in this series. The art and writing is solid enough on it's own and is positioned to reach a wider audience.  And just going off of the instances of Rat Queen cosplay I'm seeing online, this series is attracting quite a few people.

Rat Queens is a fantastic, fantasy/action series that delivers some really great original characters. Characters that can hold their own in a fight and a drinking game. Well more likely they could kick most people asses in a fight and a drinking game if they were real. I look forward to the next quest.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ms. Marvel 6 and 7

The origin of the Bird Man is revealed. Ms. Marvel’s first nemesis is a clone of Thomas Edison whose DNA was contaminated by a cockatiel. Then the world of Kamala Khan gets bigger with her first official team up. Ms. Marvel gets #1 on her fantasy hero team-up bracket, Wolverine.  Wolverine is her Obi Wan… for a mission. As Sheikh Abdullah (leader of her mosque) told Kamala, when the student is ready, the master will appear. And her world gets no less weird navigating a sewer full of mutant alligators and Kamala gets to save Wolverine’s life. No, really. Wolverine is currently lacking his healing factor, so a shape shifting teen is his only hope.

Of course this is as much of a surprise for Logan who was obviously on his own mission to find a missing girl. Ms. Marvel crossing paths with Wolverine was a coincidence. And Wolverine knows what Kamala Khan is. And he also knows that she is more than all the other Inhuman descendants that were revealed when Thanos detonates a terrigen bomb on Earth. (Read the Infinity series from Marvel for details) Kamala still doesn’t know this of course. But she is now on the radar of the larger hero world, and more importantly, the royal court of the Inhumans (A race of super powered beings descended from humans that were experimented on by the Kree (long story)). But don’t take this as a sign that the comic will become more serious. Ms. Marvel is a fangirl and will remain so for a long time hopefully. And her next partner in crime fighting curfew breaking will be another fanboy/fangirl favorite. Kamala’s creators are keeping the tone firmly where it has been since the start.

Another constant in the story is how Kamala’s religion is treated as no different from any other. Kamala is a teen torn about her faith and the world around her. Sheikh Abdullah, who we don’t see much of in the series, is not a fire and brimstone religious leader like what we tend to see in the media. He is more like the wise Preacher or Priest in his church that knows kids will do their thing and all he can do is give them the best advice and wisdom he can and hope they live a good life. In a way, he was the master that Kamala needed and he was in her life the whole time. Again, it’s an image of a leader that is more common among Muslims than what we tend to hear about. After all, it’s the extreme ones that get the headlines and sound bites. It’s no different from the Christians. Stepping off the soapbox now.

Anyway…. What I really want to know is if someone is actually going to write all this fanfic that Kamala keeps mentioning. She gets serious fictional upvotes. Why not let us read her stories?

Read my wife's review HERE: Owl Allow It: My Thoughts After Reading Ms. Marvel 6 and 7

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Holder's Dominion

DISCLAIMER: This might have been one of the most difficult reviews to write. Not because of the book, but because I met the author before I knew much about the book. My wife and I like and respect Genese Davis. So when came time to read it, I had a moment similar to the last scene of the nerd epic, Fanboys. What if it sucked? Fortunately it did not suck. It's actually really good. Hence the sort of lengthy review to follow.

Kaylie Ames trades Tacoma, Oregon for Austin, Texas. She is running away from her family that is falling apart after the death of her father. But no matter how far she runs, she cannot escape the thoughts of a mother who is trying to erase the pain of loss and a brother who keeps disappearing. Kaylie does not know how to deal with her real world problems. When she happens across someone she knew in middle school, who in obvious distress, she finds the distraction she needs. Who is the Holder? Who is this mysterious person that can manipulate gamers to humiliate themselves in the real world so that they may gain his approval? How did her old friend, Elliot, get himself involved with such a person?

Helping Elliot escape from the Holder not only gives Kaylie a badly needed distraction, but it also introduces her to what will become her new family of gamers. Now you may be wondering how a story about gamers can interest non-gamers. Author, Genese Davis, set out to connect her gamer and non-gamer friends with a story that both groups would like. To do this she gave us a character who is introduced to the gaming world just as any other person could be. Kaylie is introduced to the world of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). In the case of this book, the game is Edannair. A world of magic and monsters similar to World of Warcraft. You learn about the game and it's rules as Kaylie learns. Davis wrote a story that does not talk down to those who are not in the know. In other words, you need not know about gaming to follow the story. To put it in nerd terms, she wrote about how a “muggle” becomes a wizard in a way us muggles (non-gamers) can understand. And I am thankful for that. Id like to think I'm pretty familiar with gaming, but I am no way a gamer.

Davis gives us a glimpse as to how seductive these online gaming communities can be. And you ease into this knowledge as the story progresses. I know at the beginning of the story I was wondering why these people are taking this so seriously. It’s just a game. But is this any different from sports fanatics whose lives are the teams they follow? Or people who obsess over fictional characters in their favorite books or TV shows? The only real difference being that in a MMORPG you become the character of a story that you help create. Imagine being able to jump into your favorite story and be an active participant. It is living a real fantasy life in a way. You can see the appeal and why people can become as addicted to a game as anything else.

Now into that world comes a person who can has a mysterious hold on others. Someone who can give you power and the admiration and respect of others not just in the game, but in the real world. The catch is performing tasks, called morphis, in the real world that can be both humiliating to the Holder’s followers, but also prey upon what they fear most. On the surface the Holder seems to be nothing more than a manipulative a-hole who can get people to participate in humiliating challenges for his own amusement. He is obviously very intelligent. But still an a-hole. And as the story progresses, I began to wonder if maybe this mysterious guy might just be some form of mad genius. It seems you can never be too sure what the Holders true motives are. You can be sure that is method is harsh. But his followers, the group called Sarkmarr, are grateful for his challenges. Especially the upper echelons, the Holders officers, who appear to be successful and highly functional members of society from just about every segment of society. It has a kind of Fight Club element to it. Especially since Sarkmarr is an all male group. Until Loxy (Kaylie's game alias/character) is admitted that is.  Sarkmarr was feeling like cult with the Holder as its messiah. The Holder’s Dominion is one of those stories that presents the world one way and then slowly turns it around on you. A lot of stories do this. But that does not make a story good or bad. When written well, that kind of change of perspective just makes a book more interesting. Gense Davis accomplished this with her story about Kaylie Ames investigating the mysterious gamer called the Holder.

I’m glad I bumped up The Holder's Dominion on my already too long book rotation. I’d also highly recommend it for anyone. Especially if you want to get into the heads of gamers a little. But mostly I’d read the Holders dominion if you are looking for an original story that is good.

You can find out more about the book, links for where you can buy the book, and information on Genese Davis at

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fangirls to the front

As much as various social circles don’t seem to be similar on the surface, more things are the same than they are different. And a recent development in the world of sports has reminded me of how the same kind of thing happens in the world of what is traditionally nerd/geek stuff. And for the record, you can be a sports nerd.

As some of you may have heard, the NBA World Champion San Antonio Spurs hired a woman to be an assistant coach. Becky Hammon, 16 time WNBA All Star, is the first woman to be hired to such a position. Not only is her hiring historic, she now holds a position that is a huge career stepping stone. It has become common for members of the Spurs coaching staff to go on to head coaching positions and other executive positions on other teams. It is a huge accomplishment for a woman or a man. I don’t follow basketball as much as I used to. I don’t even follow sports all that much. But I am a fan of news. And things that are different catch my attention. That is why I began reading the news stories of this when the news broke. Okay, so the fact that the Spurs are my hometown team helped with my interest some too.

 The next thing I did, and I’m not sure why I did since I knew I wouldn’t be surprised, was read the comments. More specifically, when I scrolled down to read I was thinking, “Wait for it…” And when I saw some of the comments I thought, “There it is.” “She is too hot to be a coach.” That was the first thing I saw. Various others followed. A few were along the lines of how “you know” one player or another was “gonna hit that.” There was even someone who went so far as to call it a “token” hiring, much in the way one would hire “a black person” to give the impression of diversity in the workplace. I wanted to comment, but what would be the purpose? Besides, knowing the Spurs, and knowing Head Coach Greg Popavich, you don’t get hired to a position like that unless there is great faith and respect for a person’s abilities. Becky Hammon’s hiring speaks for itself. She isn't a token anything.

So what does a glass ceiling moment in professional sports and its corresponding typical misogynistic commentary have to do with the worlds of comics, gaming, sci-fi, and fantasy? I think it would be obvious. Even though the “nerd” world is known to be inclusive and accepting, there are still individuals and elements out there that… Well, they just don’t seem to get it. Or more to the point, I don't get the hostility. I’m not a woman, so I can’t know how exactly what it feels like. But being a nerd/geek I do know what it is like to feel awkward, alone, and not accepted. Though to be fair, some of that was my own insecurities messing with my head instead of what was really going on in the world around me. But back to my point. I don’t understand the negative reaction to woman being interested and participating in “guy” stuff. I really don't get why some guys get offended when any woman, nerd or not, denied their advances. Get over it. Please. I was a lonely comic reader. I had crushes. I've gotten denied. I've gotten dumped. It sucks, but it happens. But I never held a grudge. But back to my point again... I know, I ramble sometimes. Why so territorial about nerd life?

It happens in music too. Recently I watch a documentary on singer Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin) called The Punk Singer. Great film by the way. As great as her and her band were, there was still pushback from some men. She started a policy of “girls to the front” at her performances so her female fans could enjoy themselves and not be harassed and pushed out of mosh pits by guys. But again, why? And especially why in the nerd world. And especially when the stereotype of the lonely guy in his parent’s basement who is a virgin still exists. When I was younger I would have loved to have seen more girls at the comic book store. I wouldn’t know what to do or where to begin with any nerd girls, but I wouldn’t have rejected any of them. I would have thought it was awesome. And I think it is fantastic today that more fangirs are in the world. I am even lucky enough to be married to a fangirl who enjoys cons as much as I do. How great is that? There are plenty of female fans who who can rival the knowledge and skills of the male fans. And they can be just as intense. And I'll back away as slowly and carefully from them in the same way I will from you guys out there who can get a little intense. You know who you are.

But why are some guys so hostile at the mere thought of a woman being into, and god forbid better at, the same things they are into? I’m not going to get into any specific theories. Most I think come from some insecurity or another I think. But I’d rather focus on the positive. Every fandom, whether it be traditional nerd type stuff, pro sports, and everywhere in between is enriched by having as diverse a group of fans as possible. The funny thing is, diversity has been a common theme in nerd/geek things. Why would you be so opposed to a woman being a fangirl? At least the hostility comes from a seemingly shrinking minority. Maybe it will always be there. But what can you do? Life is to short to focus on negative people. Especially when there are so many good comics, games, books, tv shows, and movies to geek out about with good people that are men, women, and everywhere in between. Why not let women take the lead and waive the banner? It gives us fanboys the possibility of 50% more friends and allies. And who knows, maybe if you treat one of these new friends/allies with respect, she just might like you in a more than a friend way. And if not, you still got a new awesome friend. I don’t see a downside. As for Becky Hammon, she has a good chance of being the first woman to get a championship ring from a male pro sport while these critics are still sitting at home trying to figure out some sort of “witty” insult to post somewhere.

I don't typically "get all serious" and walk into territory that can get overly political and dramatic. In fact, I was hoping to write something more in keeping with the light nature of this blog for my 100th post. But this has been on my mind lately and it's an important topic. I hope I was clear and fair about this. Comments and questions are welcome. But please be civil.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Random speculation featuring Deadpool

While Fox is busy trying to take down that test footage that just won't die, fans keep getting a taste of what could have been. And if the stars line up right, maybe something that could still happen. You should be able to find said test footage easy enough in a search. It's really good. Fan reaction has pretty much been...

Seriously though, why hasn't FOX made this movie? (studio politics/not willing to gamble with their money on an R rated comic book flick) So on the off chance this lights a fire under Fox to give a Deadpool film the green light, who will play Wade? I've covered this a little before HERE. But why not again? So lets start with the original, so to speak.

Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds star has dimmed a bit after Green Lantern. For the record though, I didn't think it was that bad. Not as good as it should have been, but not as bad as people like to claim. But he is still the front runner in my book. What little we saw of a pre-Deadpool Wade in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds can match the physical and verbal requirements to fill Deadpool's shoes. He did nail the voice over in the leaked test footage.

Guy Pearce

Guy is still a solid choice for me. Going back to my original article, watch Lockout. Guy Pearce has the action star abilities and ability to play a wisecracking smart-ass who is dangerous. Add in a little more crazy and he could be Wade.

Speaking of knowing how to be funny and crazy...

Sam Rockwell

If you ask me, Sam Rockwell is still very underrated. The guy can act. Find the movie, Moon. Trust me. Then look at his other credits such as Galaxy Quest, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,  and Seven Psychopaths (pictured above). Rockwell has not done much in the action hero arena, but he has played crazy a few times with great results. Besides, many actors get into shape for action flicks.

Alan Tudyk

Actually, Alan Tudyk might just be the best second option to Ryan Reynolds. We know him plenty well from Firefly and the Serenity film, but he has racked up an excellent resume. Think of all the animated voice overs he has done, King Kandy in Wreck-It Ralph for one. And then he has already played a psycho killer with voices in his head in the excelent and not watched enough Dollhouse series by Joss Whedon. Tudyk's character, Alpha, is a chimichanga or two away from being Wade. And for a role like this I'd imagine it would not be hard for Alan to get into superhero movie shape.

So these are my four best options. Comment with some of your own. Wade just won't die so neither does our hope for a Deadpool movie.